Yennifer Salazar

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but I currently reside in Orlando, FL.  I work with gold plated, silver, bronze with a glass finish, laminates, prints, enamels, satin and especially the technique of hammering by hand.
I started this project 18 years ago. I decided to become a jewelry designer looking for new challenges, ‘new accessories’, how I started calling them and finishing them for a first quality product. I have worked with excellent professors from both Venezuela and Spain.
Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, was the first city I opened my first store, and since then we have been expanding. We continue with our stores in Venezuela and now we are located in Panama, Orlando in the Lake Mary area, and Saudi Arabia.
"I believe intensely in the talent that every artist brings into the company, always looking for new inspiration, collaborations and participation". Yennifer Salazar.

We create with love and respect for every single one of our clients. 


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